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RECORDED LINK Henry Halem's Lecture: Glass Compatibility & COE, What Does it Mean?

RECORDED LINK Henry Halem's Lecture: Glass Compatibility & COE, What Does it Mean?
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Whether You Flamework, Fuse, or Work At a Furnace… Glass Breaks!

But WHY? Is it Thermal Shock? Bad Annealing? Or Incompatibility?

How can you tell? How can you avoid it?

In this day and age, we tend to lean on numbers. We trust them blindly and without understanding.

For instance, do YOU trust the COE of your glass to determine compatibility? Most of us do.

 But we’re WRONG!

COE (Coefficient of Expansion) is only half of the story.

If you want to know the OTHER half, want to learn how to REALLY determine if different glasses will play together and stay together,

then this lecture is for YOU!

Join Henry Halem for this Glass Expert Lecture™ and gain a fuller picture of how glass behaves.

With your new-found understanding you will be in a much better position to determine compatibility

and have better outcomes.


Henry Halem is one of the founding members of the Glass Art Society and was the organization’s first president! He’s a wealth of knowledge and has been working glass since 1968, back when you had to THINK, test and experiment, because artists of the day had no compatibility labels on their glass and no firing and annealing schedules to lean upon.

His book, “Glass Notes” is a well-respected and influential reference guide for glass artists. A recipient of the Glass Art Society’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award, Henry’s work can be found at the Smithsonian, Corning Museum of Glass, and the Museum of Decorative Arts in the Czech Republic. After a 29-year teaching career at Kent State University, Henry retired and now devotes himself full time to working in his studio.

Included in this recorded link is the full chat from the live lecture.

This link allows you to view the lecture class as often as you like on your own schedule!

This is a HUGE value!

IT IS NOW POSSIBLE TO ATTEND A WEBINAR VIA iPHONE & iPAD using your computer’s browser. All you need to do is paste the link into your browser window.

However, bear in mind that the browser version DOES sometimes have performance issues, including audio problems. We still recommend using the Adobe Connect App wherever possible, which is not accessible via iPhone or iPad. It is up to you! You can view with any laptop or desktop computer. Compatible with all Operating Systems.

• If this is the first time viewing a recorded link or if you have not participated in a live Webinar event, you will need to download the free Adobe Connect.

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